About Haydee's Creative Flowers

Haydee's Creative Flowers is a boutique floral and design shop that focuses on weddings, corporate gala, and special gatherings. Our shop is centrally located in Clairemont Mesa area - San Diego, California.

We provide beautiful and unique floral designs for weddings and all types of events. Your flowers are carefully hand-selected using the highest quality and freshest blooms available both domestically and worldwide. We love creating various designs, from simple bouquets to jaw dropping arrangements. We incorporate natural elements and utilize high-end containers/vases that compliments each design. We constantly push ourselves to be better, stay creative, flexible and competitive. We also believe that education is crucial, therefore we research and network with our wholesalers/peers to keep up with current trends and styles. We believe the floral selection process should be fun, exciting, hassle free, and affordable. Whatever your idea of a perfect wedding, event or celebration might be, from a simple affair in the afternoon or an extravagant gala in the evening, it should be a memorable one that reflects your style or company's image. We are here to help bring your vision to life, achieve the ambiance you are seeking, and ensuring all the fine details are met.

Please view our Gallery for photos of our work. We look forward to having an opportunity to meet with you and create a fun, beautiful, and successful event together.

About Haydee {"Heidi"}

My passion for flowers and appreciation for nature began at a young age. I am an island girl who grew up in the South Pacific, where exotic orchids and intoxicating gardenias were abundant. I knew then that I wanted to be surrounded by and work with flowers. I began my career many years ago, assissting La Jolla artists decorate museums and create lavish events. While working a hospital day job, I spent my nights and weekends doing weddings and events. A few years later with a lot of determination and hard work, I was able to quit my day job and opened my flower shop with an emphasis on weddings. And that's how Haydee's Creative Flowers was born.

You could say that I'm a bit of a floral nerd. I'm completely passionate about flowers, and when you do what love, well the end results are so much sweeter and more lovely.

for FUN - When I am not doing flowers, I enjoy taking pictures and cooking. I'm a big foodie and I love to cook, from Dutch pancakes to lobster bisque and everything in between. I love spending time with my fiancee and family as much as possible - it keeps me grounded and appreciative.

my BELIEFS - I believe that honesty and a straight forward approach is the best policy. To treat others how I would like to be treated. I like quality over quantity and will take vintage shopping over a big department store in a heart beat. I think life is too short to drink bad wine and eat just lettuce. I'm all about the Aloha spirit.